Features :

  1. 6 stage air purification
  2. Double filters with great anti-bacteria effect
  3. Child lock
  4. 5 levels of powerful Hepa Filtration
  5. Timer Set (8hours)
  6. 5 Detection
  7. 4 Fan speed setting with auto mode
  8. Modern design with a large flow rate
  9. Displays air quality in real-time


Filter Stages :

  1. PP Pre + HEPA + Carbon Filter + Photocatalysis +UV lamp + Anion contretations : 5 million
  2. HEPA: Best for allergies „collect dust, pollen, and animal dander.
  3. UV rays: Kills germs, fungi, viruses, and bacteria
  4. Negative Tons: removes Ions, and pollution, improves breathing
  5. Pre Filter: the pre-filter captures hair dust – extends the life of HEPA
  6. Carbon: Absorbs smoke, odors, smoke, and gas
  7. Sensor: the sensor detects dust, odor, pollen, energy saving


Specification :

Filter PP Pre+ HEPA+Carbon Filter+Photocatalysis+UV-C Light+anion
CADR Particles 350-450 m3/h
Coverage Area 50~70 m2
Formaldehyde CADR 68 MС/H
UV Power  4W
UV Wavelength 254 nm
UV light 8000 hours
Power 85 W
Cable 1.9 m
Voltage 220 V/110 V
N.W 8 KG
G.W 9 KG
Product Size  42.5*22*63CM
Package Box 47*25.5*67.5CM
Accessories remote control, manual, Packed in a neutral colorful box
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